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Estate Sales

Selling Your Estate Home


For over two decades we have helped heirs, families and Personal Representatives with the homes they have been charged with selling. We understand that this is a difficult time for the family members involved. Often several heirs need to concur on all major decisions. Sometimes there are legal issues. For instance, an appraisal that does not match today’s market value, but the homes price needs to start at the appraised value.
Selling an estate home is different from regular home sales in other important ways. Some of the major differences are:

The home often sold vacant
The estate PR may live out of town
Communication with the PR and heirs
Supervising preparation for sale
Repairs may be needed.
Decisions need to be made to sell as is or fixed up

Let’s Examine Each Issue And How We Can Help

The Home Is Sold Vacant

Estate homes often go on the market unoccupied. Following clean-up and decided upon repairs investments homes typically go on the market with bare white walls, empty rooms and bare floors.
Selling a home is very visual, both in the initial viewing on the internet and when a buyer enters the home. For this reason we will decorate the home to make a good first impression. Our decorations are done using kitchen accessories, towels in bathrooms, eat in tables and china, accent rugs and wall pictures. This comes with no charge. The idea is to make the home warm and inviting, not empty and desperate to sell.
Next we take excellent photos. We have spent the time and money to have the needed cameras, lens, lighting, and photo editing software to make your house look great in print and on the internet. The decorations add color and interest to the pictures. Nothing is worse that photos of dark, empty, and distorted and leaning walls, the buyers first visit to the house is from pictures on the internet. If the house does not pas the internet test, the home will not be visited. Your home will have cell phone codes on the sign rider for those who are driving the neighborhood and want to view the interior pictures

The PR, Family & Heirs May Live Out of Town and Communication of Updates

The person in charge does not want to be left wondering about what is happening with their home. To this end we set up a web based notification board. Regardless of time zones, vacations, and location you can see how many people visited your home online and how many times it was shown. Updates will also be posted on work being done in preparation to putting the home on the market. For those who are inclined, we can co-ordinate market preparation, paperwork, contracts and settlement without traveling.

Supervision of Clean-up and Repairs if Needed

As a free part of what we offer, we can supervise cleaning the house, removing items the heirs do not want and making repairs. In addition, with the proper labeling, arrange personal items to be shipped to intended heirs. We have used the same cleaners, trash-out crews and contractors for the last 15 years. They are honest, licensed and bonded. I use their services at my own home. Our team gives them a lot of business and take care of our clients first.
Of course, you are welcome to handle this part yourself as many families have their own vendors of choice.

Decisions About How to Sell the Home

Selling an estate home can lead to decisions on how to sell the home; A quick cash sale (lowest price), as is (medium price) or some type of renovation (Highest price).
We can provide you with a market value of each option and cost estimates for repairs, renovation costs and market preparation. In this way you will have sufficient information to make the decision that is in your best interest.

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