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Renting With Bad Credit

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Renting With Bad Credit.

Don’t Let Renting With Bad Credit Keep you From Renting the Home You Want.

Application fees add up if you are turned down multiple times multiple times. If you are frustrated with your situation because of low credit scores, keep reading and watch the two videos in this post.

People are often willing to work with people who have trouble that outside their control. Things like divorce, loss of a job or Medical bills. These often happen together to cause extra issues. How you are presented to the landlord is the key.

We have a five step program to show the landlord how you overcame adversity and show you as a success story. Included in your application package is a letter of explanation, a letter from past landlords showing good rental history and proof of income to support the rent. Watch the next video on writing a letter of explanation.We will help you write this all important letter. You are not alone in this process.

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Writing A Letter of Explanation Video

In the end, your landlord will know what happened, how you solved the problem, how your priorities have changed, you are saving money and you have a good job with benefits. It will show that what is on the credit report are scares from the past and not your current condition. The person renting a home with bad credit is something from the past. 

The landlord knows you as a person, not just a stack of papers. They see you as a success story. Your bad credit history is behind you. Watch the video about how we handle renting with bad credit. They go hand in hand. It is the cornerstone of your application.

Renting With Bad Credit Video







Give us a call. We can help. 301-351-1187. Or register at



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